Imagine Products Releases Free DV Tape Integrity Analyzer

Reprinted from an Imagine Products press release:

Imagine Products is pleased to announce a FREE new timecode break analyzer tool called TC Detective.

Anyone whose ever been frustrated by timecode breaks needs this application! TCDetective is a simple time saving utility designed to help verify the integrity of DV source videotapes prior to use. TCDetective scans tapes, at selectable speeds and sensitivity, and reports the number of apparent clips based on timecode gaps in a printable table.

The detection algorithm is based on the difference between readable timecode values–it does not report camera start/stop points or analyze scene changes. When the difference between timecode values is greater than the minimum gap setting, a "break" is denoted. Each clip is assigned an alphabetical label (A, B, C…). The approximate Begin and End Timecode are listed for each clip, along with a "Reference Timecode". The Reference timecode indicates the approximate position of the break on the tape. TCDetective can report up to 24 clips (breaks) on a given tape.

To use TCDetective, you must have an OHCI compatible FireWire port and appropriate Microsoft DV driver installed. TCDetective uses Direct Show to display video feed through, that requires Direct-X 8.1 or later. Hotlinks to Microsoft Direct-X updates are available from Windows2000, XP, Me, 98SE compatible.

It's fast. It's easy. It's accurate. And it's free. Share it with your clients, colleagues and friends. Pass it along. Download at:

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