Cool Edit Pro Works for Independent Filmmaker

Reprinted from a Syntrillium Software press release:

When independent filmmaker Michael Milbert was referred to Syntrillium Software’s Cool Edit Pro digital audio recording and editing software for audio work on his new film “Soire,” he knew he had nothing to lose. After trying several other products, the producer and owner of Leaning Tower Films and Brenden Digital, saw that the software, which is widely used and respected in the music community, would serve well in the realm of film production.

“I was looking at a number of PC-based audio production tools when I learned about Cool Edit Pro,” said Milbert. “It was remarkable how Cool Edit Pro measured up against the others in terms of functionality and value. The program is fast and comes with a lot of capabilities built in.” Among those capabilities, Milbert counted the sampling de-noiser and frequency dependent compressor especially helpful in cleaning up the sound quality of the film.

“The most important thing about Cool Edit Pro is that everything is right there,” said Milbert. “You don’t have to go searching for plug-ins, it costs less than what we were using and offers more features. What’s more, the documentation is excellent and it’s very fast and easy to learn.” Added Milbert, “I don’t think we could have gotten better results using anything else.”

“Soire,” a comedy about two middle-aged couples who hope to improve on their marital lives by cheating on each other with each others spouses, is due to premier at the Kentlands Stadium 8 in Gaithersburg, MD on March 14. It is written and directed by award-winning writers Matthew McNevin and Kristin Levine. Together with McNevin and Levine and the rest of the staff working on Soire, Milbert hopes that the film will do well at its opening and hopefully reach a national audience.

Its role in the making of “Soire” demonstrates Cool Edit Pro’s versatility and cost-effective nature according to Bob Ellison, President, Syntrillium Software. “The budget of an independent film is almost never a big one,” Ellison explained. “And because of the wide range of features that are standard in such an affordable and easy-to-use package, Cool Edit Pro lends itself to serving a variety of applications, including film production.”

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