Boris Announces Continuum Complete 2.0

Reprinted from a Boris FX press release:

Boris FX, the leading developer of integrated graphics and effects technology for the television, broadcast, post production, and multi-media markets, today announced Boris CONTINUUM COMPLETE 2.0, a comprehensive package of 110 filters for Adobe After Effects 5.5, Apple Final Cut Pro 3, Discreet combustion 2.1, and Boris RED.

Highlights include 16-bit processing, optical flow for high-quality footage retiming, 32 new filters including new texture generators, hundreds of user-customizable presets, filter-specific electronic help, and substantial revision of all existing CONTINUUM COMPLETE filters to add new features and optimize render quality and speed.

“Boris CONTINUUM COMPLETE is among the most comprehensive filter packages ever offered, significantly pushing the boundaries of the effects that users can create with applications as diverse as After Effects, Final Cut Pro, combustion and Boris RED,” says Boris FX founder and president Boris Yamnitsky. “This package offers an excellent balance between filters that editors and compositors need every day with filters that provide extreme effects for special projects.”

Boris CONTINUUM COMPLETE Feature Highlights

  • 16-Bit Color Space. All filters support processing in 16-bit color space.
  • BCC Optical Flow. The Optical Flow filter creates high-quality speed and/or frame rate changes by estimating the motion between two frames of video and rendering an intermediate frame that interpolates the motion. The synthesized frame contains a mixture of the previous and next frames, each distorted by an amount determined by the time warp estimation.
  • New Effects Filters. BCC Light Zoom creates rays of light that spread from the light source and point in all directions. As the rays expand, their intensities are affected by the luminosities of the pixels that they cross. Additional Effects filters include Film Grain, Film Damage, Emboss, and Multi Shadow.
  • New Generators. A variety of filters create textural media that can be used as an independent graphic element or composited with underlying footage. Texture generators include brick, granite, veined marble, and reptilian skin. All of these filters include an option for 3D bump mapping. using internal light sources. The BCC Bump Map filter applies the same bump mapping to any media.
  • Electronic Help System. Each filter’s banner contains a Help button that opens the appropriate section of the Boris CONTINUUM COMPLETE User Guide.
  • 32 New Filters in all. The full list of new filters is: BCC Brick, BCC Bump Map, BCC Cloth, BCC Colorize, BCC Colorize Glow. BCC Drop Shadow, BCC DVE Basic, BCC Emboss, BCC Film Damage, BCC Film Grain, BCC Fractal Knots, BCC Glow, BCC Glow Matte, BCC Granite, BCC Jitter Basic, BCC Light Matte, BCC Light Zoom, BCC Mixed Colors, BCC Multi Shadow, BCC Optical Flow, BCC Premult, BCC Rays, BCC Reptilian, BCC Rock, BCC Star Matte, BCC Steel Plate, BCC Trails Basic, BCC Twirl, BCC Veined Marble, BCC Weave, BCC Wood Grain, BCC Wooden Planks.
  • Advanced Compositing and Effects. These new filters join CONTINUUM COMPLETE’s already-advanced compositing features such as animated apply modes, superior keying and matte tools, true optical color correction, natural effects, a suite of time-based effects, and advanced DVE including intersecting planes and spheres.

    Boris Motion Graphics Pack
    With 110 filters, Boris CONTINUUM COMPLETE provides the widest range of compositing, image processing, keying, color, distortion and temporal effects features ever offered to users of After Effects, Final Cut Pro, combustion and RED.

    Boris RED adds motion graphic features that have never before been available as plug-ins inside the full range of nonlinear editing systems: four-point motion tracking with corner pinning, vector paint, rotoscoping, EPS file import/animation/extrusion, 3D animation, and exceptionally powerful vector titling.

    Boris CONTINUUM COMPLETE and Boris RED are available together in the specially-priced Boris Motion Graphics Pack, for the ultimate effects package for nonlinear editors.

    Pricing and Availability
    Boris CONTINUUM COMPLETE is available now for USD $595. Registered users of Boris CONTINUUM COMPLETE may upgrade for $199. Boris CONTINUUM COMPLETE 2.0 is a free upgrade for users who purchased Boris CONTINUUM COMPLETE after December 1, 2002. Boris CONTINUUM COMPLETE is available from Boris FX distributors worldwide, as well as at

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