Datavideo Introduces Intervalometer and DV Bank

Reprinted from a Datavideo press release:

Until today’s introduction of Datavideo’s Intervalometer, creative single frame time-lapse camera effects were unattainable to videographers who didn’t have a Betacam deck that could perform single frame edits.

Datavideo’s new Intervalometer, recording at DV 25 quality, adds new functionality to the DV Bank, offering a complete range of creative video opportunities for the producer and videographer, regardless of whether they’re using a mini DV or analog video source

For the creative producer, the Datavideo Intervalometer / DV Bank system is an affordable new tool to help captivate and motivate audiences. With the Intervalometer / DV Bank system, producers can creatively animate the operation of machines, maps and charts, story boards, games, titles or anything else that an assignment requires. Producers can create unique compelling animated real-object video images without having to resort to complex computer-animation programs.

The powerful Intervalometer / DV Bank system enables the technical producer to effortlessly make traditional time lapse images of sunsets, sunrises, flowers, construction sites, traffic flow, etc. Datavideo’s capable duo opens up a new world of possibilities for security and surveillance applications, as well.

The Intervalometer is easy to use. Just set the number of frames to record, then set the time interval between recordings (in seconds, minutes and hours). The Intervalometer can also be externally triggered through a contact closure (GPI ) connection and attached to a wide range of switches or sensors. The Intervalometer and DV Bank work effortlessly with ‘MOCO’ software, without the traditional high cost and additional processing time of film.

The DV Bank is a DV-in / DV-out 60 Gigabyte hard drive recorder capable of recording up to 4.5 hours of live video. When combined with the Intervalometer it can record any combination of live and time-lapse video up to 486,000 frames. An optional DC voltage stabilizer can power the DV Bank and the Intervalometer it with any 9-14V battery.

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) for the DV Bank and Intervalometer combination system is $1599.00. When both units are purchased together, for a limited time, Datavideo is including a special $50 coupon toward the cost of a Datavideo DAC-100 or DAC-2. The DAC-100 converts, bi-directionally, between analog and digital video sources: DV and Composite or S Video. The DAC-100 enables video professionals to use cameras with Composite or S video output or to view the images stored in a DV Bank on a conventional video monitor. The DAC-2 does everything the DAC-100 does and in addition converts component video.

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