muvee autoProducer DVD Edition Debuts at COMDEX

from COMDEX reports

In addition to output back to DV tape, AVI and VCD MPEG-1 formats, muvee autoProducer DVD Edition now lets users save finished productions to DVD-ready MPEG-2 files. MPEG-2 files can then dragged to any DVD-authoring program to be authored onto DVD-/+R or DVD-/+RW media. DVD Edition also supports SVCD-ready MPEG-2 formats, allowing users to print their muvee productions onto low-cost CD-R/RW media that is compatible with many consumer DVD players. muvee Founder, Pete Kellock said, “muvee has redefined the video landscape, radically simplifying the creation process and unlocking casual video production for everyone. With the introduction of muvee autoProducer DVD Edition, we have taken yet another step towards streamlining the whole process further by bringing together all the pieces to provide a seamless end-to-end path from capture to high-quality delivery in the DVD format.”

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