Maxtor Ships Personal Storage External Hard Drives

Maxtor Corporation (NYSE: MXO) a pioneer in innovative storage solutions for consumer, broadcast and enterprise environments, today announced the availability of its new Personal Storage 5000 family. The 5000 Series introduces a unique feature named Maxtor OneTouchTM. With this feature, Maxtor’s 5000XT, 5000DV and 5000LE offerings allow users to copy files and applications on their desktop or laptop computer with the push of its OneTouch button. Maxtor OneTouch delivers an easy way to duplicate personal, business and family files, pictures, music, and digital video clips, with the maximum storage capacity and expansion capabilities available today.

The Personal Storage 5000XT (250GB) features:

Maxtor OneTouch feature to simplify backup copying with the touch of a button
Equipped with both FireWire (IEEE 1394) and USB 2.0 interfaces
Maxtor’s 250 GB/5400 RPM HDD offers increased capacity and performance for those users adapting large files and quantities of files
Hot swappable and stackable
Benefit: Maximum capacity for editing, transferring, and storing files
The Personal Storage 5000DV (120GB) features:

Maxtor OneTouch feature to duplicate multi-media files with the touch of a button
Equipped with both FireWire (IEEE 1394) and USB 2.0 interfaces
Maxtor’s 120 GB/7200 RPM HDD offers high performance and capacity for multi-media, digital photography, professional graphics, music and video files
Hot swappable, stackable and daisy chainable
Benefit: Maximum performance for digital video editing and demanding video and gaming applications

The Personal Storage 5000LE (80GB) features:

Maxtor OneTouch feature to easily make backup copies of files with the touch of a button
USB 2.0 and 1.1 support for easy installation
Maxtor’s 80 GB/5400 RPM HDD offers both capacity and simplicity of use
Benefit: Ideal for transferring files and creating a backup copy for storage away from your laptop or desktop computer
Why OneTouch?

With the Maxtor Personal Storage 5000 solutions, and OneTouch feature, users can keep copies of their personal files, accounting applications and family digital photos on an external drive for quick, easy access, anytime.

“Maxtor’s 5000 Family enables the backup copy process to be immediate and painless,” stated Dave Reinsel, research manager with IDC. “These new add-on storage solutions, coupled with its simple OneTouch feature, reinforces the commitment Maxtor has for today’s consumer by introducing an easy to use, reliable, and fast means of protecting files, without sacrificing capacity. Maxtor OneTouch eases the minds of users by ensuring a safe, replication of files in a separate location.”

“Peace of mind, control and security of their digital data are important to home users, creative professionals and small business owners alike,” said Tex Schenkkan, senior vice president, consumer electronics and business development at Maxtor. “The Maxtor Personal Storage 5000XT, 5000DV and 5000LE take the hassle out of backing up files as part of an overall data backup and protection strategy. They allow customers to simplify the process with the touch of a button, and have the capacity to store copies of all their data in one place for easy access.”

“Making copies of my files was so time consuming,” said Dean Silvestri, creative designer with NIA Creative. “However, with OneTouch, the button serves as a visual reminder of how easy making back up copies can be, and how much I can trust it,” commented Silvestri. “Simplified storage is a wonderful thing in my profession. Anything where I can just push a button and not have to worry is of great value. Maxtor OneTouch offers me a better, faster way to make backup copies, instantly while I go on with my work.”

“Today’s consumers demand a high performance system to work effectively with their growing digital image and sound files,” said Jason Ziller, USB-IF chairman and Intel manager of technology initiatives. “The Maxtor Personal Storage 5000 is a leading product in its category that maximizes the performance that Hi-Speed USB technology provides.”

The Maxtor Personal Storage 5000 products are compatible with both Macs and PCs and come with Dantz?Retrospect?Express software to easily customize options for automatic or manually activated data backup and restores. In addition, when Dantz Retrospect is initiated, the backup process is seamless, so it doesn,t interrupt the user,s workflow. As part of an overall backup strategy, Maxtor is able to offer an integrated backup solution to the consumer with the reliability and ease-of-use provided by Dantz Retrospect Express software.

Availability and Pricing

The Maxtor Personal Storage 5000XT, 5000DV and 5000LE products are available now through Maxtor’s network of nationwide retailers, as well as the company,s on-line store, The suggested retail price for the 5000XT (250GB) is $399.95, the 5000DV (120GB) is $299.95 and the 5000LE (80GB) is $199.95.

To help users upgrade previous-generation desktop and laptop computers not equipped with IEEE 1394 ports, Maxtor offers a 1394 PCI Adapter Card, a 1394 CardBus and the Maxtor DV Producer (DV editing solution with 1394 Card). All are currently available at major retailers and directly from, priced at $49.95, $99.95 and $79.95 respectively.

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