VOB Introduces InstantCD/DVD Version 6.5

Reprinted from a VOB press release:

SIERRA MADRE, CA (August 16, 2002)—VOB Information Systems Inc., a major worldwide developer of data storage software applications, today announced the release of InstantCD/DVD version 6.5, the newest version of its award-winning software for CD and DVD recording. Several powerful new features have been added to the product, including DVD video encoding, DVD video playback, CD-ROM drive emulation, Quick Formatting for DVD-RW media, and support for the latest DVD recorders.

The new generation of DVD recorders requires software that not only supports DVD video, but allows users to burn data, audio, and other types of files, said Volkmar Breitfeld, CEO of VOB Computersysteme GmbH. InstantCD/DVD 6.5 was specifically designed to support the capabilities of these new drives, and to provide customers with a complete, easy-to-use recording solution.

InstantCD/DVD 6.5 allows users to convert video files to DVD format, and burn them to DVD-R(W) or DVD+R(W) discs. DVD video files can also be converted to VideoCD or Super VideoCD format, and burned to CD-R discs. The new DVD Play feature provides DVD playback on a computer, so that users can watch DVD movies, or check their video projects. With the new Quick Format feature, DVD-RW discs can be formatted and ready to use in seconds, a process that previously required 30-
45 minutes.

About InstantCD/DVD
InstantCD/DVD is a complete CD and DVD recording solution for the Windows environment. Video, data, and audio files can be easily recorded to DVD+RW, DVD-R(W), DVD-RAM, or CD-R(W) media. The product includes support for 1-to-1 copies from any source disc, a backup application, support for video CDs and photo albums, and an integrated 16 track digital audio studio. An intuitive user interface makes CD/DVD recording simple for both experts and less experienced users. InstantCD/DVD is available from retail outlets, resellers, and via download from the VOB website for a suggested retail price of $69.00.

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