MaxVision Ships the First Mobile Video Toaster [2] Workstation

Reprinted from a NewTek press release:

SIGGRAPH 2002 – San Antonio, TX – July 24, 2002 NewTek Inc., creator of industry-leading 3D animation and video production products, along with MaxVision, a transportable desktop workstation manufacturer focused on professional CAD, video, and digital content creation professionals, today announced the shipment of the first-ever portable TV studio. The innovative MaxPac Video Toaster [2] enables video producers, 3D animators and broadcasters to create without limits: out of their studio and into the real world.

The MaxPac Video Toaster [2] line of products are perfect for a host of on-location shoots including boardroom, classroom and military/government broadcast applications among others. The entire system comes complete in two briefcases. The first briefcase houses the MaxPac itself, and is available with a single Pentium 4 or Dual Athlon MP processors. Either workstation packs completely with dual 17 LCD displays into a single aluminum case. Both systems come standard with a GeForce 4 4200 dual head graphics controller, a 40GB system disk, NewTek’s LightWave 3D Express, Aura Video Paint, Video Toaster [2] software and capture card and a GREAT Ultra160 SCSI controller. The MaxPac also has built-in Ethernet, sound/speakers, USB, serial, and printer ports, full size keyboard, optical wheel mouse, DVD/CDRW, USB Floppy, and a video projector port.

The second briefcase houses the ‘Video TeraPac’ that contains a SCSI video striped disk array with four 36GB Cheetah drives. This can be expanded to eight 180GB Barracuda drives providing an incredible 1.4 terabytes of video storage. The removable clamshell on the TeraPac contains a complete NewTek SX-8 switcher expansion module and enough storage space for all needed cables. The MaxPac is shock mounted and the entire case is made of aluminum and titanium for worry-free travel. Packed, the two cases only occupy 2.5 cubic feet and weigh less than 80 pounds combined.

“This system is a field-producer’s dream,” said NewTek President and CEO Jim Plant. “Putting together MaxPac’s portability with VT[2]’s complete suite of graphics production and live switching tools and being able to output high quality, uncompressed video from any location is a winning

This is a significant opportunity for us to create a new paradigm in the video, broadcast and 3D animation industries with the company that created the first desktop video, broadcast and 3D animation revolution, said Bruce Imsand, President of MaxVision. NewTek provides a value price point, and with their award-winning products this system is unmatched. Combining NewTek’s affordable technology with MaxVision’s unique transportable manufacturing designs offers the entire video production and 3D animation marketplace new opportunities to create professional work without boundaries.

NewTek is committed to working closely with innovative manufacturing partners as we employ our software and hardware technology towards the continued development of a powerful new relationship between our products and users of video production and DCC tools, said Michael Kornet, Director of Business Development for NewTek. Our partnership with MaxVision and the creation of the new MaxPac Video Toaster [2] is an ideal illustration of this commitment.

We are excited that through MaxVision, our resellers can now bring world-class mobile video production at an affordable price to the market, says Donetta Colboch, NewTek Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Pricing for the MaxPac Video Toaster [2] family begins at $22,167 for the Pentium 4 version and $23,047 for the dual Athlon MP edition. Both versions come standard with 1GB of memory, 144GB of video storage, and Pelican hard shell cases. Either configuration is available from most authorized NewTek resellers or directly from MaxVision. Upgrades to the latest processors and additional memory can be managed directly from the MaxVision Website at

We are excited about working with NewTek’s VARs to provide a unique combination of advanced products and services for Video Toaster [2] professionals states Tim Kavanagh, Director of Sales for MaxVision Corporation. NewTek’s authorized Video Toaster [2] resellers should contact MaxVision to become registered resellers of this incredible product.

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