Reprinted from a Buena Software press release:

CHICAGO (Aug. 19, 2002) — Buena Software, Inc. has announced the release of version 1.1 of their Effect Essentials plug-ins for Adobe After Effects. The set includes 10 video effect plug-ins that work with 8-bit and 16-bit per channel video in Adobe After Effects 5.0 and later for MacOS 9 and MacOS X.

This update is free for registered users. A free demo of the $249(US) effects can be downloaded from the company’s web site, including the free fully functional Camera Flash plug-in. The full versions can be purchased on Buena Software, Inc.’s website, or at the Adobe Web Store.

The Version 1.1 update includes the following changes:

Camera Flash — Fixed a bug that caused 100% saturation to act like -100% saturation on some machines.

Digital Interference — Audio is now frozen and stuttered when the video is.


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Edge Manipulator — Updated trace to draw better. Sped up noise reduction and Gaussian blur routines, significantly.

Feedback — Added the ability to crop the edges of the repeated images without requiring precomposing. 4 sliders now allow you to crop the four edges of the image, allowing you to get rid of black bars, vertical blanking areas, and other unwanted parts of your video. Also improved the anti-aliasing in high quality mode.

Frame Manipulator — Added the ability to choose audio from any layer. Fixed a bug that caused x and y location outputs not to work correctly when viewing at less than 100% size. Fixed a bug that caused blur to generate a black frame for very small values.

HSV Curves — Improved memory handling. Fixed a crashing bug that showed up occasionally on OS 9.

HSV Manipulator — Fixed the AltiVec versions of Mosaic so that its output is identical to the non-AltiVec version. Made internal changes to make code more memory efficient.

Radial Glow — Added 14 new compositing modes!

Super RGB Curves — Made the same memory handling and bug fixes as with HSV Curves.

All of the effects are AltiVec (Velocity Engine) enhanced for maximum speed on the latest hardware. A fully functional, 25 day demo can be downloaded from the web site . This demo includes the free, non-time-limited Camera Flash effect.

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