Canopus Bundles Adobe After Effects Plug-in with DVStorm SE

Reprinted from a Canopus press release:

San Jose, Calif. (July 10, 2002) – Canopus Corporation, makers of award-winning, realtime digital video editing systems, today announced it has begun bundling its Canopus Video Out Plug-in for Adobe After Effects free with DVStorm SE and DVStorm SE Plus. This offer is also available to Canopus customers who purchased DVStorm SE or DVStorm SE Plus after May 1, 2002. For details visit the Canopus Website at

Developed to enhance preview capabilities within Adobe After Effects 4.1 or higher, the Canopus Video Out Plug-in for After Effects speeds up video production by allowing users to output a compositing image from the Adobe After Effects timeline for preview on an NTSC/PAL monitor. Analog output is done in uncompressed YUV 4:2:2, giving Video Out Plug-in for After Effects the ability to deliver exceptional output results, making it an essential part of a DVStorm SE-based NLE solution.

DVStorm SE – When Realtime Means Realtime
In addition to delivering five simultaneous realtime video streams, DVStorm combines stability, reliability and affordability with an extensive high-performance feature set that boasts render-free, realtime native DV editing, realtime DV and analog input/output (IEEE 1394, S-Video or composite) and MPEG output for DVD and Internet streaming. For compelling content creation, users can take advantage of DVStorm’s impressive set of editing tools that deliver an assortment of realtime capabilities including multiple moving titles and graphics layers, audio and video filters, and transitions. DVStorm features over 23 realtime filters, such as color correction, motion blur, old movie, picture-in-picture, chroma key, luma key and chrominance.

Scalable Technology Architecture – The Canopus Difference
DVStorm uses Canopus’s highly acclaimed software DV codec and Scalable Technology Architecture to provide full-screen, full-motion video preview, seamless batch capture and harness the power of the CPU to deliver more realtime features. This Scalable Technology Architecture is designed to take full advantage of escalating CPU power as it becomes available, allowing users who upgrade to faster systems to reap performance gains while retaining their original Canopus hardware. It also makes it easy to add new features to existing Canopus NLE solutions through simple software updates that can be downloaded from the Canopus Website. This further extends the life of the NLE system and gives editors a much higher return on their original investment.

Priced at $1088 (MSRP), DVStorm SE includes Canopus Video Out Plug-in for After Effects, Xplode Basics 3D transitions software, StormEdit, a realtime editing application, SoftMPG for MPEG and streaming output capabilities, Sonic DVDit! LE DVD authoring software, Boris Graffiti Ltd., and Sonic Foundry ACID Style. Canopus also offers a DVStorm SE Plus version priced at $1299 (MSRP) that also includes Adobe Premiere 6.0 and a StormBay breakout box.

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