ATI Calls its New Visual Processors ‘The Most Powerful Graphics Chip on the Market’

Reprinted from an ATI press release:

MACWORLD, NEW YORK – ATI Technologies Inc. today announced that its groundbreaking new RADEON 9000 PRO and RADEON 9700 visual processors will be coming to Macintosh in the late summer and early fall. The revolutionary RADEON chips will astound Mac users with twice the graphics power and performance than any other chip on the market.

“As with all RADEON products, the RADEON 9000 PRO and RADEON 9700 were developed with the Mac in mind,” said Rick Bergman, Senior Vice President, Marketing and General Manager, Desktop, ATI Technologies Inc. “When combined with the latest versions of Mac OS X and Power Mac hardware, these graphics boards will be a strong draw for Apple users looking to increase their 3D performance, extend their creative potential and enhance their overall visual experience in virtually all applications.”

A RADEON 9000 PRO Mac Edition board, featuring 64MB of DDR memory and dual-digital display capabilities, will be available through Apple resellers and other distribution channels. With its combination of ADC (Apple Display Connector) and DVI-I (Digital Visual Interface) ports, the RADEON 9000 PRO Mac Edition will allow users to attach one or two traditional flat panels, Apple flat panels or CRT monitors with ultimate convenience.

The RADEON 9000 PRO is packed with impressive features including a quad-pipeline 3D architecture capable of handling the most demanding applications with amazing speed. The chip also harnesses SMARTSHADER technology to deliver complex, movie-quality effects and SMOOTHVISION technology that enhances image quality without compromising performance.

“Now users who want a faster graphics card can connect an Apple Cinema Display to their system without having to use a costly adapter,” said Stan Ossias, Senior Product Manager, ATI Technologies Inc. “They can even have two full size Cinema Displays running simultaneously, which will make users more productive.”

The RADEON 9700 visual processor represents the highest achievement in semiconductor technology, delivering a quantum leap in graphics capability. It doubles the capacity of the previous generation high-end graphics accelerators to deliver breathtaking performance, amazing visual quality and lifelike animation at all resolutions. It includes a long list of groundbreaking technologies, such as eight parallel rendering pipelines and floating-point color precision, into a chip with over 100 million transistors – more than twice as many as today’s leading CPU’s. The RADEON 9700 Mac Edition board will feature 128MB of high speed DDR memory and a dual display support for CRT and flat panel monitors.

“This fall, Mac users will also be witness to the raw power of ATI’s RADEON 9700, the world’s fastest and most technically advanced chip,” said Bergman. “The RADEON 9700 will drive graphics technology to new heights, totally outperforming every graphics chip currently on the market.”

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