Incite to Demonstrate Product Family at NAB 2002

Reprinted from an Incite press release:

(Geneva, Switzerland) April 3rd, 2002 – Incite Multimedia, a leader in editing software and network editing solutions, will be introducing four versions of its editing software solutions: Incite Editor, Incite Editor MAX, Incite Editor Studio and Incite Editor Suite. All four packages are based on the Incite Editor’s NLE software bundled with Inscriber’s TitleMotion, timeline export to Adobe After Effects, Incite’s Interpolated Motion Control filter and Boris FX 6.0.

Demonstrations will be held in conjunction with several of Incite partners at NAB 2002 in Las Vegas. Incite staff will be in the Advanced Technology Suite, and will also be demonstrating at Matrox’s booth, showing Incite Editor with Matrox DigiSuite MAX and the Networked Broadcast Studio for high performance production based on SAN (Storage Area Networks).

More about Incite Editor Products
Incite Editor runs on the Matrox DigiSuite platforms (with optional support for the Matrox MAX) and Windows 2000. Incite Editor delivers multiple real-time FX, advanced compositing features and multi-layer mixing capabilities in an editing environment based on open file format and versatile database architecture. Special features include direct capture to timeline, live input editing, support for hybrid editing, and an extensive range of optional 3rd party FX plug-ins, including Boris RED, Ultimatte and Film FX.
Incite Editor includes: Inscriber TitleMotion + Interpolated Motion Control + After Effects Export +Boris FX 6.0

Incite Editor MAX: Incite Editor Max delivers an additional codec for DV and MPEG 2, an additional real-time graphic layer and real-time 3D Flex FX and Firewire 1394. All three Matrox DigiSuite MAX platforms are supported DigiSuite LX MAX, DigiSuite DTV MAX, and DigiSuite LE MAX. All three platforms share the same real-time editing and 3D effects architecture and advanced productivity tools.
Incite Editor MAX includes: Incite Editor + Software upgrade for MAX support (Release date TBA)

Incite Editor Studio: Designed for the serious editor in post-production who needs high-powered video/audio editing and finishing solutions in one application, Editor Studio features the same great feature set of Incite Editor plus advanced audio editing capabilities. Incite Editor Studio delivers top-end audio acquisition and processing tools, real-time audio FX on up to 64 tracks, multiple mixes and monitors (including Surround Sound mixing), customizable VU meters, hot-mixing FX and Volume on the fly, LTC timecode display output on a video monitor, and full-duplex live voice over recording. In addition, Editor Studio provides OMF 2.2 audio export increasing system openness with other post-production applications and platforms (like Pyramix Studio and ProTools).

Incite Editor Studio includes: Incite Editor + Professional Audio features (real time effects; full duplex voice over; OMF output; Multiple mono stereo + surround outputs; professional sample rates support) + embedded M2 media management (network capable)* + Software upgrade for MAX support.

Incite Editor Suite: Incite Editor Suite is IMC’s flagship for top-end broadcasting and post production featuring advanced tools for collaborative workflow between editors, producers, and the entire post production team. In particular, with Incite Editor and Incite Media Manager bundled together, the producer can use Media Manager to view, log and organize material for the editor building the master program or finished sequence. Being SAN Certified means multiple Incite Editor stations, connected to the fiber channel network, can easily share media, templates, FX, timelines and other project assets, allowing more than one station to work on the same project for faster on-line production. Incite Editor Suite delivers additional features for broadcast post-production, like remote control protocol of the Incite timeline and Instant Replay which provides real-time playback and editing of material while that material is being captured to SAN-controlled storage by another Editor or an acquisition system.
Incite Editor Suite includes: Complete Incite Package: Incite Editor + Professional Audio features (see Studio above) + embedded M2 media management (Network capable)* + Software upgrade for MAX support + Incite Remote Protocol + Instant Reply + Incite Media Manager (M2).

Free Upgrade for Incite Editor 3.0 GUI Interface
All end-users who purchase or upgrade to Incite Editor, Incite Editor MAX, Incite Editor Studio or Incite Editor Suite, as listed in the MSRP Price List, Effective: April 1st, 2002, will receive Incite Editor’s 3.0 GUI interface as a free upgrade upon its release.
The new interface features an inspiring new design and represents the next generation of Incite Editor, delivering the same fast-cutting NLE toolkit, but with added grace and flexibility. In addition, the interface upgrade will include new features like storyboard nesting (container clips), a new real-time FX keyframer and advanced media management tools with special network capabilities for the Studio and Suite editing packages (embedded M2 technology).
* Embedded M2 media management technology will be included with the 3.0 GUI upgrade (to be announced).

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