Reprinted from a Boris press release:

Boston, MA (April 4, 2002) – Boris FX, the leading developer of integrated graphics and effects technology for the television, broadcast, post production, and multi-media markets, today announced Boris CONTINUUM COMPLETE, a comprehensive package of more than 80 filters for both Adobe After Effects 5.5 and Apple Final Cut Pro 3.

Boris CONTINUUM COMPLETE supports Macintosh OS X and Windows XP, as well as earlier operating systems on both platforms.

Boris CONTINUUM COMPLETE provides the most powerful, flexible compositing features. Highlights include new apply modes, the ability to mix apply modes in a single layer, advanced animation tools, and new ways of managing multi-layer compositions.

CONTINUUM COMPLETE provides a flexible Z Space compositing filter. Each layer has full 3D rotation capabilities with global 3D capabilities for hierarchical animation. Users can intersect layers in 3D space with soft cast shadows, true 3D spotlights and motion blur.

New Filters:
Cartooner lets you turn a video source or still image file into outline animation, in which only the outlines of the image material are seen. Cartooner also allows you to manipulate the outlines of an alpha channel source. You can stroke, colorize, expand or contract edges, and control the width of the stroke from an external layer.

Color Palette provides a number of options for choosing and saving colors, as well as linking them via Expressions in AE 5.5 or the FCP Viewer or Canvas window.

PixelChooser filter is a standalone version of the PixelChooser parameters included in
many Boris filters. The PixelChooser allows you to select pixels based on color channel values or geometric position, or both.

Time Displacement functions similarly to a displacement map affect, but displaces pixels in time rather than is space. A separate map later mixes pixels from the current frame with pixels from previous or future frames in the effect. The Time Displacement filter creates anti-aliased Time Displacement.

Z Space III is capable of intersecting 3D plane and sphere objects in one scene.

Boris CONTINUUM COMPLETE will be available in Q2 2002 for USD $695. Registered users of Boris AE and Boris CONTINUUM may upgrade for USD $199. Boris CONTINUUM COMPLETE is available from Boris FX distributors worldwide, as well as

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