JVCs New Digital/Analog Dual VTR

by Alan Sheckter, Videomaker news editor

JVC Professional has announced its new Mini DV and S-VHS dual editing deck, the SR-VS30U. The deck will feature One-Touch Dubbing and an IEEE 1394 connection for both DV and VHS. In addition, the SR-VS30 is designed to act as two independent decks, with the ability to play back or record on both decks simultaneously. JVC said many videographers still use their high-end camcorders as playback devices when transferring footage into nonlinear systems. As a permanent fixture in a studio, the dedicated SR-VS30U saves wear on a camcorder in addition to offering greater convenience and ease of use.

A JVC spokesperson described a couple of improvements over its predecessor, the SR-VS20U (MSRP $2,000). The deck’s TimeCode feature should improve editing accuracy. In addition, JVC has beefed up the unit’s IEEE 1394 connectivity, allowing it to work with more systems.

The SR-VS20U is slated for an April release. A price had not yet been set.

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