Sonic Foundry’s MediaDub Service Converts Videotape into Digital Files

Reprinted from a Sonic Foundry press release:

Wednesday, February 27, 2002
MADISON, WI -Sonic Foundry Inc., a leading technology provider of media software, systems and services, today announced the availability of MediaDub, a unique service that converts videotape into an electronic digital file, stores the data and provides automated, on-demand creation and distribution of multiple media formats including DVD, Internet, CD and any videotape format all from a single source. Through its all-digital approach, MediaDub reduces the costs associated with maintaining expensive videotape libraries and improves the speed and efficiency of creating and delivering short-form content for entertainment and corporate enterprise applications.
“Traditionally, television, movie and music content have been stored on videotape a costly proposition when you consider the expense required to manage and retrieve the content, and then duplicate it for a variety of media formats,” said Ted Lingard, senior vice president and general manager of Media Services for Sonic Foundry. “Now customers can create a digital video library that serves as an efficient, single-source repository for duplicating and distributing rich-media at a lower cost than a videotape library.”
As an industry leader and developer of software for creating, managing and distributing digital content, Sonic Foundry continues to execute its strategy of leveraging its digital management technologies into new market opportunities. Through innovations like MediaDub, and the recently launched Unified Security View platform for security and surveillance applications, the company continues to introduce highly sophisticated, yet, simple-to-use and cost-effective solutions for managing the rapid growth of digital content within the enterprise.
“Through MediaDub, Sonic Foundry offers a smart and effective technology service that helps customers progressively transition their business away from traditional videotape to digital formats without the risk of ‘all-or-nothing’ solutions,” says Lingard. “MediaDub allows customers to take a full resolution, broadcast-quality videotape master, encode it once and subsequently fulfill their distribution need, be it physical or online, with the click of a mouse.”
Provided through an Application Service Provider (ASP) model, MediaDub helps customers realize significant efficiency gains when managing and distributing short-form content, such as promotional clips, trailers, music videos and commercial spots. The system also can be scaled to handle larger files associated with online, long-form content, such as feature films or television shows, as storage and network capacity increases and becomes more economical.
Sonic Foundry currently offers MediaDub through it’s Media Services facilities in Santa Monica and Toronto and plans to eventually make it available as a complete turnkey media management software system for entertainment, corporate, government and education enterprises. MediaDub digital media services are based on specific customer and project requirements.

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