SCM Microsystems and DVDCre8 Form DVD Authoring Partnership

Reprinted from a DVDCre8 press release:

Fremont, CA and Dallas, TX – January 9, 2002 – SCM Microsystems Inc. and DVDCre8 Inc. today announced that the two companies have formed a strategic partnership to jointly develop and market software technology for the fast growing Digital Versatile Disk (DVD) authoring market. Together, the two companies will work to develop DVD authoring software that will be sold under SCM’s market-leading Dazzle brand of digital video capture and editing products.

“DVD authoring is an important application that leverages the momentum of DVD technology in the video industry,” said Dirk Peters, Director of marketing for SCM’s Digital Media and Video division. “DVDCre8 brings significant expertise in making DVD authoring extremely user-friendly, which greatly enhances its appeal and benefit to consumers. We believe the software that will result from our partnership will fill a significant need in the market for a rich and robust DVD authoring tool that is intuitive and fun to use.”

“Dazzle’s strong reputation as the leader in digital capture and editing products provides DVDCre8 with a powerful partner to leverage our strengths and knowledge of the industry,” said Joe Stefan, president, DVDCre8. “We look forward to jointly developing products that meet consumer needs for easy-to-use products that take DVD creation to a new level of excellence.”

Digital Versatile Disk (DVD) technology has revolutionized video entertainment, offering high quality picture and sound, high capacity and a compact and portable storage medium that has rapidly achieved popularity. DVD players are one of the fastest growing consumer electronics products in history, growing from 798,000 units sold in the U.S. in 1998 to a projected 13 million units in 2001. With the advent of affordable DVD recordable drives, consumers who wish to archive and share their own videos on DVD can now record to DVD disks themselves. Dazzle’s new DVD authoring software enables consumers to create professional looking DVDs with features such as interactive menus, motion menus, contextual media and jacket labels, slide shows, overtures, credits and directors cuts, all simply by following easy-to-use project wizards.

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