Canon Announces Two Hi8 Cams Under $300 at CES

Reprinted from a Canon press release:

LAKE SUCCESS, NEW YORK, January 8, 2002 – Canon U.S.A., a subsidiary
of Canon Inc. and a leader in the imaging and video markets, is
introducing two new Hi8 video camcorders that enter the market as the most
affordable, feature-laden models available today. At $299 and $229, respectively,
the ES8400V and ES75 allow a wider audience, including teenagers and young
adults, to capture life’s special moments and experience the fun and creativity video
imaging offers. Canon offers one of the widest selections of analog and digital video
camcorders, providing consumers with a range of video alternatives based on the
product features and pricepoints that fit their needs.

The two new Hi8 analog models offer a wide range of advanced features and
functions including a 22x optical / 800x digital zoom lens, Built-in video light,
FlexiZone Auto Focus and Auto Exposure, Custom Keys for personalizing the
camcorder to the user’s shooting preferences, Programmed AE and Digital Effects
for greater creative flexibility.

Exclusive To ES8400V Model
The Canon ES8400V Hi8 camcorder offers a few additional features than the
ES75 model including a 2.5-inch color viewscreen for easier video composition
(the ES75 model offers a color viewfinder only), especially from high and
low-angles and for quick video playback; Image Stabilization provides smoother
and steadier recordings, even when in its full telephoto position; and Photo Mode
for capturing still images directly onto the videotape.

Additional Camcorder Features
The 22x Optical Zoom Lens with 800x digital zoom is a genuine Canon all-glass
lens offering the highest-image quality. In its optical setting, the zoom range of the
lens is equivalent to a 41mm-900mm zoom lens on a 35mm camera, providing an
incredibly wide range of coverage, from macro close-ups to distant subjects.

FlexiZone Auto Focus / Auto Exposure, one of six (6) Program AE Modes offered
by the new camcorders, allows users to shift the area of focus and exposure
anywhere inside the composition frame, opposed to being restricted to the center of
the frame only. This permits users to follow moving subjects, keeping them in focus
and shifting focus between two subjects in the frame such as the foreground and
background. Also by pressing the FlexiZone controller the camera’s metering
system will adjust the exposure specifically for the subject in focus, which can
compensate for backlighting or harsh shadows. Other programmed modes include
Auto, Sports, Portrait, Spotlight, and Sand and Snow. In addition, Backlighting
Compensation can be achieved in both the FlexiZone and Auto modes.

Both camcorders provide two Custom Keys for programming and setting favorite
or most often used camcorder functions. This allows users to quickly and easily
access up to four key functions without the need to search for settings, allowing
greater concentration on the subject, not the camcorder functions.

In addition, the ES8400V provides ten different Digital Effects (the ES75 offers 8
digital effects) for greater creative flexibility including 16:9 wide screen,
negative/positive reversal, mirror, mosaic, Art, Black-and-White, Sepia, Cinema,
Strobe, and Ghosting. Art, Black-and-White and Sepia functions can all be
reviewed in the Playback mode.

High-Quality Playback functions provide jitter-free viewing of recorded video and a
new image enhancer provides a sharper video image from edge-to-edge.

The new Canon ES75 and ES8400V Hi8 camcorders will be available at
authorized Canon dealers in February and have estimated retail prices of $229 and
$299, respectively. Both units will be packaged as a kit that will include the
camcorder, an AV Cable, Carry Strap, BP-911 rechargeable battery pack and

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