Playstream to Deliver More Audio & Video Formats Over the Web

Reprinted from a PlayStream/Business Wire press release:

–Nov. 13, 2001–For companies seeking more value from streaming media service providers, PlayStream now enables virtually every
media type to be delivered over the Web from a single account.

This includes delivery of streaming media, progressive downloads, Java, animation and digital images.

Customers seeking to improve their Web site’s performance with regard to delivery times of media content, such as static images and animation, will find PlayStream
to be an affordable alternative for improving Web site performance. Now, through PlayStream Director, customers may upload, manage, deploy and track content over
two systems: PlayStream’s core streaming service and/or PlayStream’s new Web delivery service. Benefits of this two-in-one service include increased return on
investment, improved Web site performance, ease of media deployment, lower infrastructure entry-cost, and improved end-user satisfaction.

PlayStream provides media delivery services for over 1,200 businesses and consumers worldwide. PlayStream’s proprietary easy linking technology empowers
customers with advanced capabilities to play, manage and deploy audio, video, and multimedia content over the Internet. By integrating the Industry’s most popular
formats with PlayStream’s proprietary technology, PlayStream is able to provide customers with greater simplicity and richer features in managing and delivering
media over the Web.

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