Is There Really a DVD+RW?

by Alan Sheckter, Videomaker news editor

As DVD+RW format recorders begin to seep into the marketplace, the DVD Format/Logo Licensing Corp. recently posted a stern advisory concerning the DVD+RW technology.

The announcement began: +RW is not the DVD Format created and authorized by the DVD Forum. Likewise, although strikingly similar in appearance to the DVD-RW, there is no DVD Format called DVD+RW or +RW among the formats created and authorized by the DVD Forum.

In early 2000, the DVD FLLC, a consortium of 10 DVD format originators, took responsibility for licensing the DVD formats and logos. It grants manufacturers the rights to use DVD format’s technological information for developing and manufacturing products, as well as displaying DVD logos onto those products.

The DVD FLLC notice went on to say, there is no DVD logo to represent +RW or DVD+RW technology authorized by the DVD Forum or approved by DVD FLLC. (And), there is no verification process for +RW or DVD+RW products authorized by the DVD Forum.

Finally, in what seemed to be a warning to manufacturers like Philips, Hewlett-Packard and other companies who are reported to have DVD+RW products in the works, the DVD FLLC statement with this warning: The licensees of the DVD Format/Logo License should be reminded that the use of the DVD logo is permitted solely in accordance with the DVD Format/Logo License Agreement.

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