Incite Products for Video Management

Reprinted from an Incite press release:

(Geneva, Switzerland – October 10th, 2001) Incite Multimedia Corporation demonstrated a new, specialized line of products at IBC this September. Showcased were Incite’s new IT Products, designed to streamline collaboration between networked Incite Editor workstations, while still offering benefits to stand-alone installations.

Incite Logger is a tool to create and Log clips from a VTR, with the ability to add markers and organize clips by numerous parameters. This product enables project management to begin even before digitization.

Clip Manager deals with all areas of media management, from initial clip selection to storage location. It allows users to associate metadata and comments to captured clips for easier retrieval, better file management, and greater editing flexibility needed in fast paced environments, and uses the design principles of the MXF format to enable future interaction with that standard. In addition, it allows for Searching, Sorting, and organizing data based on pre-defined and user-definable parameters. Clip Manager is also completely CODEC independent, and is the first wave of a new, proxy-file based approach to editing and media management. Clip Manager completes the Incite product line by providing end-to-end media management at an enterprise level.

Incite Render Server is the first in a line of products that will manage tasks for editors in the background. Render Server will schedule and distribute rendering over multiple machines, and allow editors to continue to work while the tasks are processed transparently.

Incite’s flagship product, Incite Editor, was showing a host of new features, including:

New Interface. Incite previewed its new Italian-Designed interface, based on input from editors all over the world. The restyling provides a more professional work environment and brings a consistent appearance to the product family.
Instant Replay. Incite allows any number of editing systems to edit material from an ingest system before capture is complete.
Real-time Graphic Animations. Incite is unique in the world of editing in the ability to play animated graphics with alpha channel over two streams of video.
Interpolated Speed Changes. Incite introduced a new software-based motion control system, with adjustable interpolation.
Networked File Management. Incite Editor will be able to manage multiple versions of each file and share these renders between jobs and edit suites.

Other new features include an Integrated Waveform/Vectorscope, support for Markers in Clips, and Timeline Export to Adobe After Effects.

Incite Editor will be available with numerous upgrades. These include support for Matrox’s Max card, with a second layer of uncompressed graphics, 1394 connections, and the ability to encode DV and MPEG video. Other add-ons include Audio Plus, which adds the real time processing and Voice Over capabilities with Timecode Display that professional facilities require, and a new Multi-Cam Editing option to allow quick cutting between synchronized material.

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