by Alan Sheckter, Videomaker news editor

Internet Media delivery stalwart RealNetworks on Sept. 24 unveiled a new integrated media platform called RealOne. The RealOne Platform, the company anticipates, will allow Web content creators to extending their current Web sites to create an immersive multimedia experience which features audio and video playback with contextual information.

The RealOne Platform is expected to be compatible with a wide-range of development tools and
services that enable users to create secure,
digital media content.

At the center of the platform is the new RealOne Player, which is said to combine and reinvent
the ubiquitous RealPlayer and RealJukebox and adds to them a powerful
new media browser to give consumers “an unmatched, multi-dimensional media

More than 150 content providers and technology partners worldwide have
already announced their endorsement of the RealOne Platform, the company
reported. They include ABC News,, FeedRoom, MLB Advanced Media, MGM Studios, Sony Pictures Entertainment and

A RealOne Platform developer preview is available now for download at Within 60 days, the company said, it will also launch RealOne
Service, an expanded version of its successful GoldPass media
subscription service. RealOne Service is expected to be built upon the RealOne Platform and would offer a wide range of content and services, including downloadable and
streaming major-label music from MusicNet.