New Maxtor 40GB External Drive Uses USB 2.0 Interface

Reprinted from a Maxtor press release:

Maxtor Corp.’s new 40GB Personal Storage 3000LE, allows consumers a bigger, faster storage solution without requiring them to open up their computers.

The world’s first 40GB external hard drive with high-speed USB 2.0 interface, according to Maxtor, the 3000LE is targeted to users needing a home for digital video and stills, MP3 files, electronic games and other large files.

USB 2.0 also delivers up to 40 times faster performance than current generation USB 1.1 hard drives. The drive, which operates at 5,400RPM, is priced at $200.

Maxtor estimates that the 40GB drive can hold: 40 hours of digital video (MPEG compressed), 40,000 high-resolution digital photos (JPEG compressed), 10,000 four-minute MP3 tunes, 1,000 video games or any combination thereof.

The 3000LE’s high-speed USB 2.0 interface enables instant connectivity with virtually all existing USB ports, including backward compatibility with USB 1.1.

To upgrade older PCs to USB 2.0 performance, Maxtor will offer a USB 2.0 PCI adapter card ($49.95) featuring four external and one internal high-speed ports.

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