Pinnacle Debuts Pro-ONE Real-Time Editing and DVD-Authoring Solution

Reprinted from a Pinnacle press release:

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. –(Jul. 17, 2001)– Pinnacle Systems, Inc. today
announced an advanced DV-based editing and authoring solution that the
company says reduces the cost and production time to create broadcast quality
video and publish interactive DVDs.

Pinnacle Pro-ONE’s powerful processing engine increases productivity by
reducing the time consuming process of rendering and gives videographers the
artistic tools to perfect the combinations of digital effects and 3-D objects in
real-time. Users can combine two digital video streams with titles, graphics, and
3D objects and apply up to ten digital video effects simultaneously in real-time.

Pinnacle Pro-ONE is a real-time DV editing and DVD authoring solution. It
features a hardware DV capture and effects card with digital and analog video and
audio inputs and outputs. Pinnacle Pro-ONE includes Adobe Premiere 6.0,
Pinnacle’s Hollywood FX-RT, TitleDeko RT for video editing and Pinnacle
Impression DVD-SE for DVD authoring.

Pinnacle Pro-ONE includes Hollywood FX RT, giving the user over 200
sophisticated, real-time, keyframeable, multi-layer effects with 3D animated
objects, such as “page peel,” “ripple,” “nightline” and “sports block”.

Pinnacle Pro-ONE gives the user independent slow motion control of two video
clips simultaneously in real-time, an ideal effect for sports or fashion videos.

Pinnacle Pro-One gives the user independent, keyframeable adjustments for
brightness, contrast and saturation of two video clips simultaneously in real-time,
an ideal tool for image correction.

Pinnacle Pro-ONE includes TitleDeko RT, giving the user access to broadcast
quality titles with keyframeable real-time motion control and transparency,
independent of other real-time effects.

Pinnacle Pro-ONE includes Impression DVD-SE, designed specifically to speed
the workflow of professional and corporate DVD creation. Impression lets users
combine edited videos with full DVD menus designed in Photoshop, and build
complex interactivity without any complicated programming.

Pinnacle Pro-ONE will be available later this summer in the U.S. via major
computer retail stores and professional video resellers at a suggested retail price
of $1299.

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