Sonic Goes on Tour with DVD Technology Seminar Series

by Alan Sheckter, Videomaker news editor

Sonic Solutions announced recently the launch of a 46-city seminar series entitled “DVD Fundamentals” to be offered June through September this year. The seminar is designed to help creative professionals learn about the latest developments in DVD technology, with a special focus on automated DVD production, web-enabled DVD production, and developing DVDs for distribution on multiple formats including DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD-RAM, DLT, CD-ROM and the soon-to be-introduced DVD+RW drives. To register or to learn more about the seminars, attendees can visit the Sonic website at

Designed to assist video post production facility owners and managers, corporate communications groups, video production managers, multimedia publishers, and DVD title authors, the latest seminar series by Sonic will introduce attendees to all of the steps involved in authoring DVD titles and integrating DVD content with the Web. In addition, the sessions will cover how to leverage cDVD technology to create DVD titles that play from CD-ROMs on virtually any PC. DVD project workflow will also be discussed, covering configurations from a single computer workstation to distributed workflow models across a workgroup for further efficiency and productivity.

Special attention will be taken to explain how DVD producers can create high-quality DVDs by seamlessly converting video from Avid, Media 100, or other non-linear editing systems into interactive MPEG-2 video and Dolby Digital audio. Other topics covered at the event include approaches to tap the entertainment power of DVD, methods of creating DVD-based products for their clients, ways to find and keep DVD customers, keys to understanding todays market and customer demographics, project planning strategies, and rethinking facility design for DVD production.

Step-by-step demonstrations of the DVD production process will feature solutions such as Sonic Scenarist and DVD Creator, the worldwide systems of choice for professional DVD production, and DVD Fusion, an advanced DVD production system designed to integrate seamlessly with nonlinear video editing systems.
The first of the DVD Fundamentals seminars will be held in New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Phoenix with additional seminars scheduled in cities across North America, including Atlanta, Chicago, Miami, Montreal and others, through September 2001. To register or to learn more about the seminars, attendees can visit the Sonic website at For additional information, customers may also email the seminar coordinator at

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