Sony Announces PC9 Mini DV Camcorder

Sonys’s newest camcorder, the DCR-PC9 Mini DV Handycam, combines MPEG movie capability, expanded battery capacity and USB connectivity, all in a 1-pound, 1-ounce package. Switch the PC9 to MPEG Movie mode, and the camcorder captures up to 60 seconds of video and audio in low-resolution Video E-mail mode (160×120), or up to 15 seconds in Presentation mode (320×240). The footage, saved to Sony’s Memory Stick disks, is intended for e-mail, Web pages or presentations. The PC9 inclused a USB connector to enhance camcorder-to-PC transfer speed.

The camcorder’s new InfoLithium battery allows you to shoot almost two hours of action, 30 percent more than its predecessor, the PC5. The remaining battery life is displayed, in minutes, on the camcorder’s 2.5-inch touchscreen LCD display.

The PC9 also includes MGI’s PhotoSuite and VideoWave for editing movies and digital still images. Available in June, the DCR-PC9 retails for about $1,300.

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