HILLSBORO, OR (May 9, 2001) Known for its expertise in delivering reliable, high-performance storage solutions, LaCie became one of the first OEMs to launch a 180GB external desktop drive today. Featuring a rotational speed of 7,200 rpm, LaCie’s new 3.5-inch hard drive achieves record-breaking transfer rates of up to 75 MB/sec in RAID and 47 MB/sec as a single drive, making it one of the largest and fastest hard drives on the market. The drive is equipped with an Ultra 160/LVD SCSI interface–the fastest SCSI interface available–and LaCie’s unique bullet-proof casing for added heat and shock resistance.

The Ultra 160 SCSI interface combines with the high-performance 180GB drive to provide immediate benefits for throughput-intensive applications where speed is the primary goal. Designed for demanding applications such as high-end servers and databases, as well as digital audio/video editing and desktop publishing, the drive’s high transfer rate and 8.2 ms seek time translate into improved productivity.