Eveo Launches a Complete Concept to Campaign Music Video Solution

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, April 9, 2001 — Eveo (link removed – no longer available), a leading Web video company, today announced the launch of Eveo Music, a turnkey Web video solution that arms artists and record labels with high quality music video production and customized streaming media tools for marketing and promotion initiatives. Combining creative video production capabilities with robust, best-in-class Web video publishing technologies, Eveo Music offers the music industry the first one-stop solution for creating and deploying video on and offline.

The Internet has completely revolutionized music distribution and marketing, said Olivier Zitoun, CEO of Eveo, Inc. Music fans turn to the Internet to download MP3s, discover new artists and purchase merchandise. Eveo, a pioneer in Web entertainment and streaming media, now offers artists and labels a complete 'concept to campaign' production and promotion package that lets them leverage the power of video in all their marketing initiatives.

Eveo Music works closely with the label and artist at the concept stage, before the production of the music video. Depending on the artist and the marketing objectives, a director is chosen and a unique treatment is created for execution both offline and online, to keep the campaign consistent. Offline, the video will be produced for broadcast and cable television distribution. Online, the video will be digitized, indexed and formatted for streaming through a custom player on the artist and fans' sites, embedded in an email newsletter (video email), and formatted in Flash for a better experience on a narrowband connection.

Eveo Music offers labels and artists the ability to extend the life and reach of music video in nearly every component of their marketing campaigns, said Kimberly Knoller, vice president of music at Eveo, Inc. We're creating online tools that maximize music videos beyond the traditional broadcast and cable outlets, giving the labels more bang for their video buck.

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