Debuts New Audio/Video Capture Cards

DALLAS (Dec. 4, 2000), Inc., a leading provider
of Internet and networked video solutions, today announced new additions to its
industry-leading Osprey family of audio/video PC capture cards. The new Osprey-210
and Osprey-220 add audio-quality enhancements that enable CD-quality audio and
professional analog capture of video and audio signals for the leading streaming
media applications. These new products complement recent industry improvements
in streaming audio technology, and extend the widely recognized leadership of’s Osprey product line for streaming media applications. Osprey video cards are used in Internet/intranet streaming video,
videoconferencing, distance learning, business TV, Web-cams, live event streaming
and a variety of other digital video applications. The Osprey-210 and Osprey-220
capture products support RealNetworks RealVideo 8 as well as Windows Media
7 capture and encoding. This support for the two major streaming media platforms
by the Osprey family provides unparalleled flexibility in audio and video streaming

The Osprey-210/220 streaming capture products support AVI capture allowing them
to be used in conjunction with leading editing applications including Adobe Premiere,
Sonic Foundry Vegas Video, Ulead MediaStudio Pro, Media 100 Media Cleaner Pro,
and MGI VideoWave III. They can also be used in conjunction with other streaming
software applications including Sonic Foundry Stream Anywhere, and Terran Media
Cleaner Pro. The Osprey-200 family’s strict compliance with established Windows-based
video standards enable them to run at peak performance on almost any video application
that uses a standard Windows interface. These products provide driver support
for Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT 4.x, and Windows 2000.

The Osprey-210 is an analog capture card with a BNC connector for a reliable,
lock-on composite video input; an S Video connector; unbalanced stereo audio
inputs; and an audio loop-back feature for monitoring of the captured source.
The Osprey-210 also features a hardware audio gain control providing enhanced
sound capture at lower bitrates and expanded audio sampling rates up to 48 kHz.
For even higher quality, the professional-grade Osprey-220 takes the Osprey-210
feature set and adds both a break-out box and balanced-stereo audio inputs via
XLR connectors for pro-quality stereo audio inputs.

The Osprey-210 and Osprey-220 products will be available for ordering and shipping
Dec. 1.

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