Cleaner 5 Gets Real

Media 100 Inc. (NASDAQ: MDEA), the
leading provider of software, systems and services for streaming media
on the Internet, today announced the launch of Cleaner 5:
RealSystem(R) Edition, a powerful interactive streaming media encoding
and design solution specially developed to support RealNetworks,
Inc.’s (NASDAQ: RNWK) recently-announced RealAudio(R) 8 and
RealVideo(R) 8. RealAudio 8 offers the highest quality audio at the
broadest range of bit rates, and RealVideo 8 provides high-quality,
full-motion video using dial-up modems, half screen VHS-quality at
mainstream broadband rates, and near DVD-quality video for those using
high bandwidth connections.

As a result of this development agreement, Media 100 has created a
customized version of its flagship Cleaner 5 streaming media software
to be sold by RealNetworks, directly from its online store at Cleaner 5: RealSystem Edition will enable
RealNetworks’ customers to create powerful, highly-interactive
streaming media content exclusively for the RealPlayer(R). This
announcement underscores RealNetworks’ commitment to providing its
customers with streaming media tool sets that enable them to create
the highest quality streaming media content possible.

“With more than 155 million unique registered RealPlayer users
around the world, the demand for the highest possible quality viewing
experience is exploding – and Media 100 creates the tools to enable
web designers to create an online viewing experience that is not just
high-quality, but also highly-interactive, evocative and valuable to
the consumer,” said John Molinari, chief executive officer of Media
100. “Cleaner 5: RealSystem Edition is a significant asset for
RealNetworks’ customers. We’re providing them with the most powerful
streaming tool in the industry to ensure that content created for the
RealPlayer is unparalleled in picture quality and interactivity,
creating a streaming experience for viewers unlike anything they’ve
ever seen on the Internet.”

Cleaner 5: RealSystem Edition is the Internet’s first
camera-to-web streaming media design solution to enable web designers
and Internet broadcasters to create highly-interactive, evocative
streaming media content for RealSystem in four simple steps: Capture,
Author, Encode and Publish. By radically simplifying the streaming
media workflow, Cleaner 5: RealSystem Edition enables web designers
with minimal streaming experience to achieve powerful, high-impact

Additionally, Cleaner 5: RealSystem Edition opens multiple
opportunities to professionals looking to leverage their valuable
video assets and content creation skills and apply themselves to
interactive streaming media design and development. Cleaner 5:
RealSystem Edition provides anyone looking to stream video for
RealSystem streaming technology with a complete solution for creating
interactive streaming media content, from camera to web.

Cleaner 5: RealSystem Edition is available immediately directly
from RealNetworks and its online store and will be sold with a
suggested retail price of $499. RealNetworks will also provide a
special bundle offering, including RealProducer(R) Plus and Cleaner 5:
RealSystem Edition.

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