Sony’s New Power-Packed Notebook PCs

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Oct. 25, 2000 via
NewsEdge Corporation –

Sony’s two most powerful notebook PC lines —
the all-in-one F series and the robust XG series, a
favorite among digital video editing enthusiasts —
are among the first to offer super-fast Intel(R)
850 MHz(1) Pentium(R) III processors with
SpeedStep(TM) technology(2). The PCG-F690 and
PCG-XG39 are the first VAIO(R) notebooks to
feature this processor.

“The F690 and the XG39 outperform many desktop
PCs on the market,” said Mark Hanson, Sony
Electronics’ vice president and general manager of
VAIO PC products. “With the new Pentium III 850,
these new notebooks offer users lightning-fast
execution and the ultimate in performance
whether in the office or on the road.”

Both the VAIO F690 and XG39 models come
standard with a 30 GB hard drive(3), 128 MB
SDRAM (expandable to 256 MB maximum) and
integrated 8X maximum DVD-ROM drive with fully
integrated movie playback capabilities. Both
systems offer either Windows(R) Millennium Edition
or Windows(R) 2000 Professional operating

VAIO PCG-F690 — Power PC with a Blockbuster
Display Now Available

Designed for executives with a penchant for
multimedia features and large, crisp displays, the
PCG-F690 is loaded with a healthy complement of
business and digital video editing software.

Included in the mix are Sony’s MovieShaker(TM),
a simple application for producing digital home
movies, and Sony’s PictureGear(TM) software,
designed to help manage such digital content as
panoramic photography. The PCG-F690 also
includes Sony’s DVgate(TM) software, yet
another tool to challenge a user’s creativity.
DVgate software helps capture full motion digital
video and still photography for impressive
multimedia presentations — or video emails. The
PCG-F690 is powered by a high-capacity
lithium-ion battery with dual battery capability. It
is 2.1 inches thin and weighs 7.1 pounds.

The PCG-F690 offers the digital video editing
enthusiast speed, power and the ultimate in
display technology. The F690 comes with a
dazzling 15-inch SXGA+ (1400 x 1050) TFT
display, featuring screen resolution improvements
87% better than standard XGA screens. The
higher pixel count of the SXGA+ technology
provides improved clarity and ease of use,
resulting in a larger working desktop for users
executing detailed business applications.

The new unit’s all-in-one design features a floppy
drive, hard drive and DVD-ROM drive. It includes
an i.LINK(R) (IEEE 1394) interface(4) to support
high-speed digital video, audio and data transfer
capabilities among equipped Sony and other

It also features an ATI RAGE(TM) Mobility
graphics chip with 8 MB of SDRAM, built-in stereo
speakers, NTSC video out and an integrated V.90
56K(5) modem.

The PCG-F690 arrives in stores this week and has
an estimated selling price of $4,000(6). The
PCG-F690K, which features Windows 2000
Professional, retails for approximately $4,100(6).

Sony VAIO PCG-XG Series — Power, Versatility
and Hot-Swappable


Many sophisticated technology users find the
ultimate in computing versatility is achieved
through the hot-swappable multi-drive bays
(including removable CD-RW and DVD-ROM
drives), optional second 10 GB hard drive(3),
floppy drive and an optional battery bay with the
Sony VAIO PCG-XG Series. The newest models in
the XG Series, the XG38 and XG39, both sport
power and functionality in an eye-catching form.
They weigh only 6 pounds and are 1.77 inches

In addition to a hefty 30 GB hard drive(3), Intel
850 MHz Pentium III processor with SpeedStep
technology and 128 MB of SDRAM, the PCG-XG39
features a 14.1″ XGA (1024 x 768) TFT screen, an
S3 Savage/MX(TM) graphics chip with 8 MB of
video SGRAM, Sony’s original programmable Jog
Dial(TM) control and an integrated V.90 56K(5)

Designed for notebook users who value modular
convenience and high-end desktop performance,
the XG39 comes with state-of-the-art digital
video editing features, including such bundled
applications as Adobe Premiere(R) LE and Sony’s
DVgate, which, when coupled with the XG’s
AGP-enabled 256-bit graphics chip and built-in
stereo speakers, provides optimum audio and
high-resolution image transfer and manipulation.

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