Inscriber Technology Releases New TitleMotion SD for Discreet edit*

Inscriber Technology Corporation announced today a new
release of Inscriber TitleMotion SD 4.2 for Discreet edit*, Inscriber’s
professional graphics plug-in for creating video titles and motion effects
for Discreet edit* on the Windows NT platform.

“This latest edition of TitleMotion gives edit* users fantastic creative
potential by maintaining its easy to use interface and increasing its
already powerful functionality. Users can create better graphics in less
time,” stated Joel St. Denis, Product Manager, Desktop Products at Inscriber
Technology Corporation. “We’ve made a real effort to listen to users and
integrate their suggestions in this new version. TitleMotion’s new features
include over 200 pre-designed templates, over 50 animation templates, over
200 new text styles, blur filter, spell checker and text on a spline.”
Inscriber TitleMotion for edit* is a professional graphics plug-in for
creating video titles and motion effects. All graphics created with
TitleMotion include full key channel support so titles can be laid over the
digitized video with full transparency. Video professionals can now take any
title and create multi-layered animations to fly text, graphics, logos, and
even draw objects around the screen to produce dramatic effects.

TitleMotion is based on technology developed for Inscriber’s high-end
character generator products, which means that NLE users get full access to
Inscriber’s top-quality output. In addition, Title Motion supports TrueType
fonts as well as real-time stills, and rolling credits and crawls with
sub-pixel movement for maximum image quality. TitleMotion also includes the
unique feature that allows editors to animate each character of a title

Inscriber TitleMotion SD 4.2 for Discreet edit* is available immediately and
sells for US$595.

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