NewTek to Develop Native Version of LightWave [6] and Video Toaster for Intels Itanium Processor

NEW ORLEANS, SIGGRAPH 2000, July 25,2000– NewTek, Inc. manufacturer of industry-leading 3D animation and video production products, announced today plans to develop a native IA-64 version of LightWave [6] and the Video Toaster for the new Intel Itanium processor. The new Itanium processor, the first implementation of Intel’s forthcoming IA-64 processor architecture, will offer a high performance solution for processor intensive applications such as 3D animation, video editing and video painting and layering.

LightWave, the recognized leader in the film and television industry, provides the most complete feature set of any 3D-animation tool available. The Video Toaster from NewTek is the most comprehensive and best priced video editing solution on the market, offering users uncompressed video I/O, editing software, award winning 3D tools, and a powerful paint and compositing package. When Intel’s new Itanium processor ships, LightWave [6] and Video Toaster users will have the opportunity to increase their productivity by leveraging the power of these new systems.

We are excited to be working closely with Intel as both companies move forward in advancing their respective technologies. By forging relationships with companies like Intel we can share information during the development phases to make certain that our respective products compliment each other. Said Brad Peebler, NewTek’s Vice President of 3D Graphics, This sort of relationship will provide our customers with much faster, more robust solutions.

Intel has been working closely with companies like NewTek to ensure that applications like LightWave and the Video Toaster will take advantage of the full benefits of the Itanium processor, said John Thomas, marketing manger of the Digital Media Solutions Group at Intel. Processor intensive features like Hypervoxels can take advantage of the Itanium processor’s floating point capability, increasing performance, flexibility and scalability for large and complex animations.

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