POPcast Releases Live Desktop Webcasting Application: “POPster”

LOS ANGELES POPcast Communications Corp., the leading application
service provider (ASP) in the self-service Webcasting market, today
announced the release of POPster , a revolutionary freeware program
that allows anyone with a broadband Internet connection to automatically
provide live broadcasts from their desktop directly to viewers.

POPster is available as a free, approximately 1.2 Mb download from
POPster.com and will be showcased at the Streaming Media East show
(Rhinelander Hall, Booth 236) along with demonstrations of POPcast’s
complete streaming media products and solutions.

“Until now,” said POPcast’s Chairman and Founder William Mutual,
“providing a live Webcast has been a very complex and expensive
endeavor, requiring complex configuration and operation of streaming
media servers and networks, or outsourcing to high-priced specialists
with appropriate network resources. POPster changes all that.”

POPster allows users to leverage their own available bandwidth to serve
their live video streams or – come July, 2000 – instantly be able to
purchase online from a POPster affiliate the exact additional bandwidth
required to expand the Webcast for additional viewers. Expansion of the
audience via transmission from POPcast’s global server network takes
place with just a click of a button.

POPster’s unique patent-pending automated approach to Webcasting
revolutionizes Internet broadcasting by providing low-cost and
easy-access transmission abilities to anyone. Along with offering
secured transmissions and logging, POPster will also allow users to
create their own automated Pay-Per-View offerings and many other
advanced services for a fraction of current Webcasting rates.

To use POPster, users simply download and install it, turn on their
video source (Webcam, camcorder, VCR, etc.), and select the appropriate
input source from the POPster interface. Users are then automatically
logged-on to the patent-pending POPster service, which controls the live
Webcasts for all POPster users. POPster provides users with the
automatic real-time scalability, link creation, public/private
notification controls and other advanced capabilities, which together
allow the Webcast to be shared with the target audience.

POPster is the perfect solution for Webcasting novices and professionals
alike. Using only the free POPster software and a local broadband
connection, anyone can immediately start Webcasting from their own
desktops. For video conferences, sharing personal videos, security
monitoring, video news releases, concerts, interviews, or any other
professional or consumer application, POPster is the perfect solution.

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