Ulead Systems Announces New Media Sharing Web Site: iMira.com

Torrance, CA – (May 9, 2000) – Ulead Systems, Inc., a leading developer of
image editing, video editing and Web graphics software, announced today a
new media sharing Web site for consumer digital media users. iMira.com is
Ulead’s largest effort to date to establish the company as a primary force
in the Internet media space — a mission set by Ulead’s executive team in
December 1999.

“Ulead has always been a pioneer in the Web marketplace,” said Danielle
Liao, president of Ulead Systems, Inc. “We were first to create integrated
Web tools, then first to develop technologies and online retailer
relationships that offer easy and convenient ways to buy those tools
online. Now, iMira.com has a unique opportunity to provide Ulead’s 3.5
million registered users with a solution that brings together the best of
our desktop applications and Web services.”

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