MGI Signs Agreement with IBM

MGI Software (TSE:MGI), a
leader in digital video, has announced that it has signed a worldwide
licensing agreement for VideoWave with IBM Computer Corporation (NYSE:IBM).
Effective immediately, IBM will be shipping MGI’s market leading video
publishing software on the IBM ThinkPad A Series mobile computers. No other
terms were disclosed.

This is the first agreement between MGI and a major PC vendor that initially
targets mobile computer users. Although connectivity and storage barriers
have prevented desktop and laptop users from editing their own video in the
past, these issues have been overcome by high-speed data transfer standards
such as IEEE-1394 and USB and an increase in basic system performance and
hard drive capacities.

“This agreement is another major win for MGI while adding to our strong
revenue growth from OEM channels,” said Anthony DeCristofaro, president and
CEO, MGI Software. “We have evolved VideoWave to address a broader market of
PC and Internet users. With its built-in Web publishing capability,
VideoWave is positioned to be more and more used in every day business and
personal communications.”

“We are seeing a growing trend among our customers, where video is
increasingly being used for business,” added Ihor Petelycky, general
manager, MGI Digital Video. “VideoWave is the hands down leader among
consumers, but it’s ease of use, powerful features and support for high
quality MPEG and streaming video output make it uniquely suited for business
purposes as well.”

VideoWave will be specifically bundled on the high-end ThinkPad A20p which
incorporates exceptional graphics performance including the ATI RageTM
Mobility AGP 2X video chip with 16MB VRAM, and S-video in and out ports for
video capture and playback, and DVI support via docking. The machine
includes an Intel Mobile Pentium III 700MHz processor, 128MB RAM (upgradable
to 512MB), 6X-2X DVD-ROM, and an 18GB hard disk drive to provide the storage
necessary for capturing and editing digital video with MGI VideoWave. The
ThinkPad A20p also includes a 15-inch SXGA Plus display, which is ideal for
presenting content produced with VideoWave.

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