Media 100 Now Focusing On The Consumer Market

Media 100 has been a leading provider of nonlinear editing systems in the profesional broadcast market since 1993. Videomaker Executive Editor Steve Muratore spoke today with John Molinari, CEO of Media 100, who had some exciting news.

Until recently, their entire product line was too “high end” (expensive) for the average consumer. Molinari announced that the company has now completely changed its focus and will be selling affordable gear to consumers, institutions and schools.

With the acquisition of Digital Origin, they are now selling software editing products starting at around $200. Capture cards are going for around $2,000 and turnkey systems are going for about $3,000. The Media 100 iFinish V20DV is a Windows NT turnkey, real-time effects system that sells for $5,395 and has been “selling like hotcakes” since December.

Molinari also said they’re moving from Macintosh-only support to a primary focus on Windows support. They’ll still make products for the Mac, but their Windows NT boards and turnkey systems are already outselling their Mac products. Look for Windows 2000 support coming soon!

Media 100 has acquired Terran Interactive and has begun building streaming video output capability into every product they ship. Molinari said they’re moving from making every person a video editor, to making every person a streaming broadcaster. The Terran technology enables their machines to output to RealMedia, Windows Media and Quicktime formats.

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