Terran Interactive Shows Media Cleaner Streaming Software at Streamingmedia Conference

By Stephen Muratore

December 9, Streamingmedia Conference, San Jose Convention Center

As Terran Interactive has been acquired by Media 100, it’s current catalog of products sport technologies developed by the former for encoding video for various formats as well as by the latter for video and audio editing. Media Cleaner Pro version 4 for Windows or Mac (MSRP: $499) was on display at the Streamingmedia Conference as one product resulting from this coporate marriage. Terran claims it to be currently the “only cross-platform tool that outputs all the major formats for delivery on the Web, broadbanc network, CD-ROM, presentations, kiosks or DVD. At the show one of Media Cleaner’s tools, iFinish, was demonstrated. This tool can batch encode a number of video files into a number of streaming video files for reception at a number of bitrates, simultaneously.

On another front, Terran and encoding.com announced a partnership whereby each company will offer the other’s products and services to its own customer base.