Webcasting Succeeding Despite many Challenges

A web casting panel that was comprised of European and U.S. executives of companies involved in Webcasting, recently met and concluded that Webcasting is an effective means for businesses to distribute information to a large audience, but the panel was not conclusive on the medium’s current mass-market appeal.

Though it left little doubt that the future of Webcasting looked bright.

The panel discussed how much of the world, including China, Russia, South America and India was not online yet. The future of Webcasting depends on the demand by consumers, members said.

Limited by technical constraints and untested income streams, the panel said that Webcasting will only continue to grow and to improve. And the key appears to be with broadband networking.

As more information per second rolls down the pipe, the quality will improve. As the quality improves, both content providers and the public will turn more and more attention to Webcasting.

According to some on the panel, Webcasting and the Internet will become more mainstream and more of a mass medium when viewers can watch on something other than a computer. In other words, once the public can watch the Internet and Webcasting on a device as simple as a television set, then it will become embraced by all.

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