Launches First Web-based Video Editing Service using Javu Technologies’ innovative software opened their virtual editing bays free to the first 200 people for Beta testing Monday, becoming the one of the first Internet companies to take advantage of the rich media content opportunities available on the Internet. Using technology developed by Javu Technologies, has created a web-based video community that lets users edit from home or office and post streaming videos via the Internet.

The users don’t need any special software other than an Internet browser and a few streaming video plug-ins.

For a monthly fee, users can upload their videos onto the Net and then access them using’s unique web media editor to choose scenes, transitions, music and credits for a finished digital video that they can post or download. is targeting home users and businesses who don’t want to invest or hassle with a desktop video editing system. In addition, intends to create a virtual video community where video aficionados can meet to share videos, ideas and to network with one another.

Businesses can post video advertisements, instructional videos or infovideos on the site.’s full fledged web based service is set to begin sometime in August.

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