Free Web-based Personal Slide Show Debuts at RealNetworks Conference ’99 announced a new free web-based application for building and broadcasting music enhanced streaming slide shows at the RealNetworks Conference ’99 held in San Francisco last week.

The application, which utilizes RealNetworks’ streaming RealSystem G2 technology, allows users to sample their favorite CD, upload up to 25 digital photos and watch as Mslide Builder creates their personal Mslide and posts it to the high bandwidth streaming network.

Users can then email friends, family or business acquaintances with the Mslide address to view the newly created slide show.

The convergence of on-line music and digital photography will revolutionize the way people share memories, said Dan Hobin, founder of Now anyone can capture a moment, jazz it up with their favorite music and instantly share it with friends and family around the world.

The application is free and simple to use, following Mslide’s step-by-step slide show builder. receives revenue from advertising, so there is a fair amount of targeted advertising banners to put up with.

In addition to the slide show, offers e-commerce capability, allowing users to buy the music CDs that they chose for their slide show.

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