Videonics Announces New Upgrade of Effetto Pronto

CAMPBELL, CA., October 28, 1998

Videonics, Inc. (NASDAQ:VDNX) announced the release of a free upgrade for its Effetto Pronto Compositing and Video Effects System for the Macintosh. Videonics' Effetto Pronto is a combination of compositing and effects software and a PCI hardware accelerator. It is the first desktop-based hardware and software compositing tool to offer instant feedback on effects-processing, unlimited layering capabilities, sophisticated titling and color correction, among other advanced features. The new Effetto 1.1 software offers users more speed, flexibility and control.

Already the fastest compositing system available on the desktop, Effetto version 1.1 adds RAM and disk caching capabilities to the product. Compositors can expect to see playback and rendering speeds two to five times faster, which will make the rendering process more seamless and efficient.

"The upgraded Effetto 1.1 software provides dramatically increased speed while achieving greater flexibility because of its expanded support of other applications," said Yeshwant Kamath, President of Videonics, Inc. "This upgrade lets artists finish projects faster without sacrificing creativity, which leaves more time for other activities or new business opportunities."

Greater Flexibility

The upgrade also provides greater flexibility with increased third-party compatibility. Puffin Design's Commotion Motion Tracker files can be imported into Effetto and applied to any object. These objects can be quickly composited and rendered with the help of the Pronto hardware accelerator. Effetto version 1.1 adds Dynamic File Sharing so files can easily be shared between Effetto and other applications. Effetto now supports popular standard third-party After Effects plug-ins including Digi-Effects, Final Effects Complete, Boris Effects, and the ICEfx systems from ICE.

Expanding the software's international application, the titler can now handle Japanese, Chinese, Korean and other foreign languages that require "double-byte" character support, a feature usually found only with the most expensive professional character generators or complex vector-based desktop software tools.

Enhanced Effects

In addition to Gaussian Blur and Fast Blur, Effetto version 1.1 adds Motion Blur which enables artists to blur movement over time. The new Wipe effect gives artists more options for transitions between objects. Effetto version 1.1 also employs blending modes, including the Photoshop effects "multiply" or "screen." Channel blending allows artists to use color channels to affect the way images are combined and to control compositing of layers over time. These new features add to the other creative benefits, which include true 3D workspace, precise keying and animatable lights.

About Effetto Pronto Effetto Pronto includes the Effetto QuickTime-based compositing software and Pronto, a dedicated PCI effects processing engine. Effetto Pronto can be easily integrated into any Power Macintosh, QuickTime-based non-linear digital video editing compositing suite. Effetto Pronto's unique "pipeline" architecture is resolution independent and allows artists to seamlessly mix and match file formats with an unlimited number of tracks-at any resolution.

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