Video Festivals and Video Contests

  1. In our News & Technology segment with Mark and Derek… we’ll show you how Dell manufacturer is helping users return notebooks that are equipped with batteries by Sony that may catch on fire or explode. We’ll also talk about some new terabyte drives and a 60% growth of H-D-T-V ownership in U.S. households and we look at some changes to video-sharing sites like MySpace and Google.
  2. In our Tips & Techniques segment… We’re seeing more and more video festivals starting up across the country and Charlie and Jennifer have some great tips on the “Do”s and “Don’ts” of entering contests and some tricks to keeping your video in the game.
  3. In this week’s “TAKE 20”,… Brian and Mark critique a video spoof on the spy genre that has a funny twist on mistaken identify. “Climax”, by producer Devin Doyle.
  4. In Matt York’s VIEWFINDER segment, he and Mark talk about the personal joy of making video.