Sony a7s TEST Footage

If you are looking for pro features in a compact DSLR package, then the Sony a7S should be on your short list. It features a full-frame 35mm sensor but instead of cramming on more pixels Sony opted to scale back the number of pixels from earlier versions for some important reasons; with only 12.2 megapixels it allowed them to increase the size of each pixel giving the a7S amazing low-light sensitivity and 15.3 stops of dynamic range. It also allowed engineers to avoid the dreaded line skipping. In fact this camera may be worth the asking price of $2500 just for the night-vision and dynamic range alone but you also get uncompressed 4:2:2 full HD and even 4K from a sensor optimized for video. The a7S is an incredibly powerful tool, capable of creating professional documentary, wedding and independent productions all in a package that could almost fit in your pocket.