Tascam DR-10X, DR-10SG, DR-10L – Hands On Review

Interchangeable lens cameras seem to be the norm these days — a wonderful innovation for the video world, allowing for an easier path to shallow depth of field. However, audio captured with these cameras is weak to say the least. Entry level cameras also might not offer both a mic input and a headphone output, often combining the two into one port. On top of that, the mics built into these cameras are small and the mic preamps are typically poor. 
One of the solutions to this problem is to get an external audio recorder. Most will find them to be a huge improvement over camera-controlled inputs, offering far better sound. If you are a one person crew, or don't have free hands to operate an external recorder, a place to mount it, or the ability to multitask, you could find yourself very frustrated and burdened with a lot of tasks. In enters the DR-10 series from Tascam.
Each member of the DR-10 line is a stand alone recorder. The DR-10X is an XLR input into a mono recorder. The DR-10SG is a Shotgun mic with a built-in recorder and lastly, the DR-10L is a lavalier mic and recorder that eliminates the need for a transmitter and receiver for a wireless solution.
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