World’s First Hands-On – Canon Compact-Servo 18-80mm T4.4 EF Lens & Log3 – First Look

There are always lots of new lenses announced at NAB every year, but this one was truly special. Most of us can’t even afford to rent some of the lenses on the show floor, let alone the camera to use them. Canon’s Compact Servo 18-80mm T4.4 is the exception. While the $5,225 price tag is nothing to scoff at, it’s a steal when compared to Canon’s other EF servo zoom lenses, which approach $30,000.
An optional add-on to the Compact Servo 18-80 is a zoom rocker grip. When combined with a C100, the setup begins to feel like a true ENG camera — great for shooters who want to combine run and gun shooting techniques with a Super 35 camera.
While not without its flaws, most notably the minimum T4.4 and lack of hard stops on the focus ring, the Compact Servo 18-80 is primed to be an exceptional offering.
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