Pinnacle Studio 19 Ultimate – Video Review

Pinnacle Studio 19 Ultimate is fully-functional and very capable editing software. New with version 19 is multi-camera editing, automatic audio ducking, support for new file formats and loads of effects and transitions. Overall, it’s a great value for the entry-level editor looking to up their game. 
When it comes to editing programs, the conversation is always on one of three programs; Adobe Premiere, Avid Media Composer and Apple Final Cut Pro. The problem with only talking about those three products is that not everyone is in need of an edit software that’s meant for editing as a professional. What about those who just want to go a step past capturing family memories, history and vacation video?
Pinnacle Studio 19 is a fully functional, simple to use and very capable video editing program. Starting at just $60 for the basic Pinnacle Studio, then $100 for Plus and $130 for Ultimate, the value to cost ratio is hard to resist. That means for $130, you can own — not lease or rent — a piece of software that will do just about anything the entry-level video producer would want to do. That’s not to say that it’s at all competitive with Premiere Pro, Media Composer or Final Cut Pro, but it’s a very useful tool if you don’t need to use exactly what Hollywood uses.