UK severely restricts DJI drone flights due to reports of mid-flight malfunctions

Due to concerns about drone safety, the UK has temporarily banned specific DJI drones models from flying within 50 meters of people, buildings and vehicles.

What models have been banned?

DJI’s Matrice 200 and Inspire 2 have both been hit with this ban. There were reportedly a “small number” of reports coming from the Civil Aviation Authority claiming these model of drones were falling out of the sky.

For the Matrice 200, it seems like the issues revolves around its battery. It uses DJI TB50 and DJI TB55 battery type; they’re suspected to be failing in the middle of flight. The Inspire 2’s battery is also under suspicion. So, drone operators of both need to be aware of this ban.

It’s a temporary ban, but a ban nevertheless

Under the ban, the Matrice 200 and Inspire 2 can’t fly within 50 meters of people, buildings or vehicles.

In response, DJI released a statement regarding the ban:

“DJI is aware of a small number of reports involving drones in the Matrice 200 series that have lost power mid-flight. Flight safety and product reliability are top priorities. Our engineers are thoroughly reviewing each customer case and working to address this matter urgently.”

It’s recommended users update their DJI drones

In an official statement, DJI went on to say it recommends drone operators to update their drone’s firmware using the DJI Pilot App or the DJI Assistant 2.

“We are looking to implement additional safeguards. When prompted on the DJI Pilot App, we recommend all customers to connect to the internet on the app or DJI Assistant 2 and update the firmware for their aircraft and all batteries to ensure a safe flight with their drone,” DJI writes.

The ban probably won’t last much longer with the firmware update out. However, it’s still to be followed until the ban is lifted. For help with updating the firmware on your drone, read this DJI update guide.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's Managing Editor.

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