Sony’s Ci Media Cloud: Unlocking the future of camera-to-cloud production

Media makers, from small production houses to broadcasting giants, need flexible, secure and efficient workflows to meet the demands of today’s media production landscape. Slow file transfer and transcoding times, chaotic storage management and stifled collaboration are just some of the challenges that hobble current digital media workflows. 

In this white paper, we’ll look at how Sony’s Ci® Media Cloud unlocks the future of media production with cloud-native digital media workflows. Cloud-based production is the future, and Sony has been working to make it a reality since 2014. 

Sony’s Ci (pronounced ‘see’) delivers five media workflow systems in one solution: media management, high-speed file transfer, transcoding, collaboration and archive. It’s an ecosystem of apps and tools with centralized cloud storage at the core. Each stage of the production process presents unique challenges, but we’ll see how Ci enables a streamlined workflow from capture to review to final delivery.