SlingStudio Introduces Custom Scoreboarding and On-the-spot Highlight-tagging

SlingStudio has launched a new update, introducing custom scoreboard and highlight-tagging tools. Together these tools give multi-camera video productions and live streamers more options while minimizing post-production.

“Our users have been asking for the ability to deliver high-end and graphically rich video without having to invest significantly in post-production,” said Janet Gipson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for SlingStudio.

SlingStudio is already pretty popular in sport live streaming for high schools and college sport teams. These new feature promise to add to its appeal even more, now allowing for custom scoreboard graphics and highlight clips without post-production.

Custom scoreboarding

This new scoreboard feature lets users create and import custom scoreboard graphics. It also gives producers the capability to create customized scoreboards for their teams.

“This new update gives producers the power to create custom scoreboards using their own graphics and elements like team names, logos, scores and more — all using Sling Studio,” Gipson said.


Designed for sports producers, SlingStudio users will have the ability to capture all the quick action happening on the field and create highlight clips without any need for post-production.

“With the new highlight tagging feature, it’s easy to capture special moments on-the-fly and create highlight clips of the entire production, without requiring any post-production effort,” said Gipson.

Pricing and Availability

Both of these new features are available for free for new and existing SlingStudio users. For more information, visit

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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