Zhiyun SMOOTH-Q2 mobile gimbal targets new filmmakers

Zhiyun has just released a pocket-sized mobile gimbal called the SMOOTH-Q2. After a successful launch on Kickstarter, this gimbal aims to help beginning filmmakers.

Smartphone video specs and capabilities are improving rapidly, meaning the mass majority of the population has a decent camera right in their pocket. Zhiyun believes the SMOOTH-Q2 will allow the public to be “more creative” in their cinematography. Additionally, they believe this gimbal will take the smartphone video to the next level, making “an ordinary smartphone into a professional camera in seconds.”

Video courtesy ZHIYUN

The SMOOTH-Q2 is “no ordinary gimbal”

The gimbal is built with a small yet strong body according to ZHIYUN. How small is it? It should be able to fit inside your pocket alongside your phone. For it to be a good mobile gimbal, it needs to be portable. It seems like it is.

Also, the SMOOTH-Q2 has a battery life of 17 hours and a micro USB port that can act as a power bank for phones, cameras and other devices. It’s able to access native iOS or Android phone camera apps for photo and video shooting as well. As for special shooting modes, the gimbal allows you to shoot time-lapses, vertigo shots, object tracking, and panorama.


The SMOOTH-Q2 has a mode indicator LED, a five-way quick mode switching joystick, a photo/video record button, and support for 1/4 inch screw hole accessories. Zhiyun says the gimbal is compact and lightweight because it is built from aluminum alloy. Additionally, it has “enhanced” motor durability, according to Zhiyun.

ZHIYUN's SMOOTH-Q2 holding a phone
ZHIYUN’s SMOOTH-Q2 is small enough to fit into your pocket

“The SMOOTH-Q2 is truly a video creator’s companion and expands on anyone who wants to use a gimbal as a stable and creative device to capture stunning scenery and action videos without camera shake or blur,” says Zhiyun. “Bring your moments to life with the SMOOTH-Q2 gimbal from ZHIYUN. You no longer have to take jittery and boring footage. The SMOOTH-Q2 has you covered.”

Pricing and availability

The Zhiyun SMOOTH-Q2 is available now for $139.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
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